Recycle & Upcycle

Twice a year, during sales, we transform our shop windows into giant laundry baskets. As part of these Recycle & Upcycle operations, we invite you to donate the clothes you no longer wear. A portion of your donation allows us to create upcycled pieces while the unprocessed pieces are passed on to our partner Emmaüs Alternatives to ensure that they have a second life.

Thanks to your donations, I was able to create several upcycled pieces including the giant shirt. Through this piece, I wanted to draw our attention to the complexity of a garment, all these details like the collar, a pocket, the buttons, the seams that make up a shirt. Open our eyes wide!

I also made this jacket from scraps of fabric. Through this piece, I wanted to question, question about fake fur. Indeed, if it does not cause animal abuse, fake fur is extremely polluting for the planet.

I will keep you informed of the dates of the next Recycle and Upcycle operation! Small clarification: we accept all your clothes in natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk. We won’t be able to do anything with your fast fashion pieces, which are of too poor quality to be transformed. There is no second life for these clothes!

The second life of things

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed ! We keep the fabric scraps that allow us to create decorative elements for our store but also scrunchies, blankets, pillowcases. These accessories and decorative elements are made to order, please write to us at for more information. According to my inspirations, I will offer you punctually throughout the year ultra limited series of upcycled pieces.

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