A better fashion

Fashion with more meaning

CORALIE MARABELLE is committed to a better fashion future, made in factories that respect people and the planet. Today, most of our collections is made in France. The Yoyo and Noma pullovers are made in Spain, in a family workshop that meet our quality requirements. What matters to us is working with passionate people with incredible know-how, who, like us, want to design beautiful, well-made products.

At every stage of the creation process, we are always looking for the best option. Identifying quality materials that are as eco-responsible as possible. We have always favored quality and natural materials. The next step is to select more engaged materials. This is our daily struggle. Even though it is an obstacle course, our goal is to produce 100% of our collections with eco-responsible materials by 2024.

A manifest garment

We want to give back value to garments. Each garment carries a message. Many people worked on it, from the manufacture of the material, to the manufacture of the garment, including design, model-making and many other stages. We should be cherishing our garments, we should take care of them. We want to create timeless pieces that you will want to wear over and over again.

Measured production

We produce our clothing pieces in limited quantities to avoid overstock and waste. Manufacturing locally allows us to be responsive to meet your demands. It can happen that a garment is out of stock quickly, do not hesitate to contact us to see if a new production is possible.

We also launched a line dedicated to the upcycling, the Manifesta Line. Please click on the link below if you want to know more about our approach:

Manifesta Line